How to apply for Erasmus+

To apply for Erasmus+ you will be required to complete the following forms as part of your application. Please note, the application process may vary according to your faculty; further information is available on this page.

1. Student Application Form
You will need to meet your Faculty Erasmus Co-ordinator and complete the USW Student Application Form together. This form confirms that your Faculty gives consent for you to take part in an exchange.

2. Grant Agreement
You will need to complete a grant agreement before your mobility can take place. If any sections of the form are incomplete, you will not be able to travel. Once the form has been completed, you will need to sign and return it to the European Funding Unit ( before you leave the UK to ensure that you receive your Erasmus+ grant.

3. Risk Assessment
You will need to complete a Risk Assessment form, which will need to be signed off by your Faculty Erasmus Co-ordinator before you go abroad.

4. Learning Agreement
You will need to complete a Learning Agreement with your Faculty Erasmus Co-ordinator to ensure that you will receive recognition for the modules that you will study overseas. The learning agreement will also need to be approved by the relevant staff member at the host University.

The Learning Agreement will need to be returned to the European Funding Unit ( when it has been completed and signed by the student, the Faculty Erasmus Co-ordinator and the relevant member of staff at the host University.

This should be signed off by all parties before the start of your period abroad, however, you will have up to 4 weeks after arrival at the host university to return the completed learning agreement back to the European Finance Unit. Emailed scanned copies of the form are accepted.

Faculty of Creative Industries

The Faculty of Creative Industries will hold an information session in December 2019. Applications are accepted in January of your first year to go abroad the following academic year. More information will be available closer to the time.

The Faculty of Creative Industries has partnerships with a number of overseas universities, which enable students to study abroad on an exchange basis during the second year of their degree. There are opportunities to study in Europe, via the Erasmus scheme, and outside Europe as part of an exchange programme.

You can only apply to universities with whom the faculty has a current exchange agreement. Please note, our partner universities may change from time to time as new agreements are entered into and others expire. Download the documents below for a list of our partner universities and the subject areas they offer.

Erasmus partner universities for students going abroad in 2019-20
Exchange partner universities for students going abroad in 2019-20
List of partner universities by subject area for students going abroad in 2017-18

As an FCI student, there are four stages to the application process:

  • You complete the Faculty of Creative Industries internal application form
  • We interview you
  • If you are successful, we nominate you to the appropriate host university
  • You apply to the host university

If you are interested in taking part, please complete the application form, which must be signed by your course leader. This includes a personal statement signed by you stating why you wish to study abroad and how you feel it would benefit your education. Please return your application to the address on the form. The deadline is 31st January 2020 (may be subject to change).

All suitable applicants are usually interviewed in February. Once you are accepted for exchange, we will nominate you to the appropriate host university and support you in the process of applying to them.

We have limited places at each partner university so we will look at the successful applications as a whole and match applicants to the university that is most appropriate for their course, considering everyone’s preferences as much as possible. It is, therefore, best to think in terms of the country(ies) you want to go to rather than limiting yourself to one particular institution.

Erasmus+ Financial Information

Tuition Fees

You will not have to pay any University fees to the host institution, however, you will still need to pay full fees for the University of South Wales if you study abroad for less than one academic year. Some students may get reduced Study Abroad fees if they undertake an Erasmus+ placement for a whole academic year – please contact the Student Money Advice team for further information on how much you will be expected to pay during your period overseas.

Erasmus+ Grant

Eligible students will receive the Erasmus+ grant to help towards the additional costs incurred as a result of studying / working abroad. This grant is not there to cover all of your expenses, but as a supplement to your usual funds. You will continue to receive any student grant or loan to which you are entitled. Grant rates vary but students undertaking an Erasmus placement in 2019/2020 can find more information on the Erasmus+ website.

Special Needs Grant

Additional grants to the Erasmus+ Student Grant are available for students with special needs wishing to participate in Erasmus+ and where participation would not be possible without extra financial support. Please note that all applications must be made well in advance of the start of the mobility and will require confirmation from a GP as well as a completed application form. If you wish to apply, please let your Faculty Coordinator know and email

Travel Grants

You may also be eligible to receive a travel grant from Student Finance if you are participating in an Erasmus study exchange abroad for at least 50% of any academic term. You will need to contact Student Finance to see if you can receive this.

Additional Information

Each year a downloadable Frequently Asked Questions document is produced to assist applicants. The FAQ document outlines important information and shows the grant amount for each country.