Course Leaders

Your Course Leader is the academic responsible for managing the quality and delivery of your course. Your Course Leader should be contacted if you any questions or comments about your course. If you’re not sure who your Course Leader is, you can find their details in the Module & Course Database ICIS.

Course Leader Responsibilities

Course Leaders are ultimately responsible for the student experience on the courses they manage. Their main responsibilities include

  • Coordinating the course delivery and course team meetings
  • Working with module leaders to make sure that teaching is consistent and of high quality
  • Engaging with feedback from students and course reps
  • Planning and implementing an induction programme for students

For more detailed information, see the Course Leader Responsibilities page for staff.

Who is Your Course Leader?

If you’re not sure which lecturer is the Course Leader for your course, there are a few places you can find out:

  • Find your course in the Course and Module Database – the information about the course should include the name of the Course Leader.
  • Find your Course Handbook – this should list the Course Leader and their contact details
  • If it’s early in the academic year, look up the induction timetables – these list the Course Leaders.