Personal Academic Coaching (PAC)

  • First year undergraduates (year 1 / level 4) are allocated a Personal Academic Coach during inductions
  • Your Academic Coach can help you plan your academic, personal and professional development
  • Academic Coaches can advise about student support and progression

The role of the Personal Academic Coach is to work with you to support you in your progress on your course overall, rather than individual assignments or modules. They will also be able to direct you to the best support on any financial, health, disability, learning difference or personal issues you may have during your time at here.

What you can expect

You will:

  • Be assigned a Personal Academic Coach at induction who will be an academic from your subject area.
  • Have individual 20-minute meetings with the Personal Academic Coach toward the end of Autumn and Spring Terms.
  • Discuss your academic progress and career aspirations
  • Agree a plan of action to maximise your potential.
  • Discuss any general issues or difficulties you may have

Our expectations

We expect you to…

  • attend the scheduled meeting, and be prepared to talk openly about how things are going.
  • bring along any grades and feedback you wish to discuss.
  • prepare for the meeting by reflecting about your academic progress and ideas for how to maximise your potential
  • complete and follow an action plan, which you and your coach keep a copy of.

The purpose of each meeting is to help you succeed and progress in your studies on your course. The discussion topics will vary depending on your priorities and needs at the time of the meeting. However, it is expected that every coaching meeting will address your progress and engagement on the course.


The focus of your PAC Sessions will be your academic and professional progress, and your action plans will be confidential unless you give your consent for them to be shared.

You may also discuss issues or situation outside of these areas, at which point your Coach will do their best to support and direct you to the relevant staff in the Advice Zone and other support services.

If during your discussion you disclose personal information that causes your Coach concern, for instance where there is risk of serious harm to yourself or other people, or there is a legal implication, then under their duty of care they will have to involve other support departments as appropriate.