UniLife - an intro for USW staff


You are looking at a special page on UniLife that acts as a landing page for staff.

Staff can’t go directly to the real UniLife homepage (unilife.southwales.ac.uk) because they don’t have a student ID, required to log in. Instead staff are redirected here.

Using UniLife: A Walk-Through Guide explains what UniLife is and shows what the UniLife homepage looks like and what it does. Apart from the homepage, you can access almost all of UniLife without having to log in – try any link from the menu at the left of this page apart from ‘UniLife Home’ and ‘Student List’.

UniLife – A Guide For Staff on TheHub has an explanation of UniLife more aimed at staff and explains how staff can use it to communicate with students.

You can contact the team responsible for UniLife by emailing unilife@southwales.ac.uk.