Course Handbooks

The University requires that your course leaders should provide you with accurate, relevant information about your course. Importantly, the agreed minimum standard includes the course handbook.

Your handbook should provide you with all the key information about your course:

  • an introduction to the staff on your course team and how to contact them
  • the aims, outcomes, and content of your course
  • how and where your course will be taught
  • how the course is assessed
  • when and how to submit assessed work
  • details about reporting extenuating circumstances
  • how your progress will be monitored
  • how to offer feedback on your course
  • the employability skills you’ll get from your course
  • required or available materials and equipment
  • timetables

Your course handbook is a valuable resource for studies, so it’s in your own best interests to make sure you’re using it.

You’ll be able to find it by clicking into your Course Organisation in UniLearn (Blackboard), either via the tabs at the top of the screen

image of link from Blackboard

or via the navigation box at the centre of the homepage – it’ll look something like this:

image of Blackboard navigation box

Once you’re in the correct organisation, there should be a ‘Course Handbook’ tab in the left hand navigation panel.

illustration Course Handbook link in list

If you’re having trouble locating your course handbook, you should contact your course leader.

You can find more details about USW’s minimum requirements standards, course organisations, and other information about your studies by visiting CELT’s Technology Enhanced Learning resources page.