Registering to Vote and Democracy

  • Every voter is responsible for their own registration to vote.
  • If you receive a letter about voter registration and fail to respond you may get fined.
  • Credit reference agencies use the electoral roll when determining your credit rating.

Registering to Vote in UK Elections

Registration is open to:

  • UK citizens
  • European Union citizens living in the UK
  • qualifying citizens of Commonwealth countries living in the UK.

For information about how to register, and to start the registration process, please see Gov.UK:

Register to Vote

The following websites also contain useful information:

Local Information about Voting and Elections

You may find these websites useful:

Voter Registration Service for Students

Two local authorities have set up a partnership with the University. These are Cardiff and Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT).

Students whose term address is in Cardiff or RCT are offered the option to register to vote at enrolment. Students living elsewhere will not be able to register to vote through the enrolment process.

To register to vote at enrolment, students will have to:

  • submit their National Insurance Number
  • consent to the information being passed on to the local authority for voter registration purposes (by selecting a tick box during online enrolment)

In addition, the University may pass name and address data of our students to Local Authorities on demand, as agreed within our Data Protection Policy. However, passing on name and address information does not constitute voter registration.

While the University works hard to facilitate voter registration for our students, please remember that every voter is responsible for their own registration.

Democratic representation

If you want to contact an elected representative about any issue, you can find their details below:

On campus

Local level

National / international level