External Examiners' Reports

Each module and course within the University’s provision has an external examiner. External examiners provide annual written reports to the University. As students, you can request to see the annual reports relating to your course and modules.

What do external examiners do?

The University operates a two-tier process for external examiners. They may be appointed as a Subject External Examiner (to examine modules) or an Award External Examiner (to examine courses).

Consultation with independent external specialists is an essential element of the University’s management of academic standards, quality assurance and enhancement. External examiners play a vital role in providing comments and recommendations upon the following:

  • The University is maintaining the threshold academic standards set for its courses in accordance with national benchmarks
  • The assessment process measures your achievement as a student rigorously and fairly against the intended learning outcomes of the modules/course and is conducted in line with the University’s regulations
  • The academic standards and your achievements as students are comparable with those in other UK higher education institutions of which the external examiners have experience
  • Good practice and innovation relating to learning, teaching and assessment observed by the external examiners
  • Opportunities to enhance the quality of the learning opportunities provided to you as students

Those appointed are suitably qualified and experienced in the subject, or specialism within the subject, to which the appointment relates. They are external to, and therefore independent of, the University.

Based on their qualifications and experience, those appointed are able to provide carefully considered advice on the academic standards of the modules and/or courses to which they have been assigned, and can offer advice on good practice and opportunities to enhance the quality of those modules/courses.

External Examiners’ Reports

An important feature of external examining in the UK is the provision of annual written reports to the University by each external examiner based on what he/she has observed of the University’s assessment processes and student assessed work.

These reports provide invaluable independent feedback to the University. Universities consider these reports carefully, and either take action in response to any recommendations or make clear the reasons for not taking action.

If you would like to see the external examiner reports related to your modules or course then please contact the Quality Unit.