Course Representation

  • The main role of Course Reps is to enhance the current and future delivery of the course which they are elected to represent
  • To become a Course Rep, students should contact their Course Leader to put their name forward within the first few weeks of the academic year
  • There will be a vote among students to determine who is a course rep for each course
  • Once elected, Course Reps should use the Register as a Course Rep link to receive information about training and events

What do Course Reps do?

The primary role of Course Reps is to share the views of their fellow students with their Course Management Team and make positive changes to learning and teaching for current and future students.

Course Reps meet with teaching staff and network with Students’ Union officers and Student Voice Reps to discuss student opinions about their course and share best practice. This is an important role as it gives the student voice a central role in shaping students’ own learning experience.

Course Reps will also work with Student Voice Reps if an issue affects students across their School/Faculty.

You can find more information about the role of Course Reps on the Students’ Union website.

Can Reps make a difference?

Absolutely! Course Reps play a crucial role in the quality mechanisms at USW and are central to making improvements to the student experience. They can deal with matters such as timeliness of feedback, course content, teaching methods, availability of books in the library, communication with staff, or access to facilities after hours.

You can consult the Students’ Union website to find out what previous Reps have achieved.

Become a Course Rep

Elections should happen in your class from week 1 to week 4. Your Course Leader or tutor will have more information on this and will be in charge of setting up and running the election.

You should put your name forward as early as possible and let your fellow students know that you wish to represent them. It is important they know who you are and how to contact you.

There should be a total of one Course Rep per course per year for cohort of less than 50 students, and two Course Reps per course per year for cohorts with more than 50 students.

You have been elected, what next?

Once you have been elected, you should ‘Register as a Course Rep’ using the link on your Academic Details page. This will allow you to be included in the Course Rep e-mail list and to receive Course Rep-related information (training dates, information about accreditation and social activities, etc.)

If you have any further queries relating to being a course rep you can go to the Students’ Union website or get in touch with Jenny Catherine, Students’ Union Academic Affairs Coordinator:

What support do Course Reps get?

You will receive comprehensive training at the start of the academic year and again after Christmas. Once you register as a Course Rep, you should receive a Rep induction package via email containing your Course Rep handbook, training dates and be added on to the Course Rep BlackBoard Organisation where you can chat with other Reps and access resources to support you in your role.

Training sessions will be held on each campus location over the course of four weeks to make sure you don’t miss it.
You are also invited to attend our Student Leadership Conference, where you will be able to take part in skills development workshops and network with other Reps. Examples of sessions include: Quality Assurance in Higher Education, Effective Communication, Campaigning, and Persuading and Influencing.

Monthly Course Rep assemblies will take place on each campus for Course Reps, Student Voice Reps and Students’ Union Officers to come together and discuss any issues they may have come across and share best practice.
You will also be supported in your role by the Students’ Union’s Academic Affairs Coordinator, Jenny Catherine, who can provide further guidance if you get stuck.

What’s in it for you?

By being a Course Rep you will be central to improving the quality of your course and its recognition nationally, as your feedback gets filtered into the University’s internal quality assurance processes. You will also have the opportunity to meet new people, network with staff and gain in confidence, essential assets for the workplace.

If you engage fully with the role, you will develop a wide range of skills such as communication, mediation, public speaking, assertiveness, organisation and time-management.

You will also be invited to pizza nights and our annual Course Rep Awards ceremony and you can make your hours as Course Rep count towards the GradEdge Award to stand out from the crowd.

Being a Course Rep is a great stepping stone to taking on more senior student representation roles. Why not think about applying to be a Student Voice Rep or campaign to be a Students’ Union Officer in the next few years?