Course Representation

Course Reps meet with teaching staff, network with Students’ Union officers and Student Voice Reps to discuss and convey student opinions about their course. In short, they’re there to make sure the course is good.

Their role is to enhance the current and future delivery of any scheme or course which they represent.

USW Student Charter Information on this webpage forms part of our commitment in our Student Charter

Become a Course Rep

To become a Course Rep, have a chat with your tutor and your fellow students and let them know that you wish to represent students on your course. It’s important they know who you are. In many cases, there is no need for elections, as there can be several Course Reps for a course. Unless your fellow students object to your intentions to represent them, all you need to do is register (or, if there is an election on your particular course, register as soon as you’re elected).

If your course is based on the Cardiff City, Treforest or Glyntaff campus please register online, using the ‘Register as a Course Rep’ button.

If your course is based on the Caerleon or Newport City Campus, you can register as a Course Rep by getting in touch with Peter Townend.

Once you have registered, you will be included in the Course Rep e-mail list, and will receive all updates regarding Course Rep information.

If you have any further queries relating to being a course rep you can e-mail or take a look on our Students’ Union website.

Course Reps, who cares?

Course Reps are a crucial part in the quality process, and are central to making improvements in the student experience.

What do Course Reps do?

Course Reps might attend meetings with University staff to let staff know students’ views, or they might raise an issue informally with a member of the teaching staff or support staff. Course Reps will also work with Student Voice Reps if a matter needs taking forward on behalf of a number of students, or is a matter that is ‘generic’, and not related to just a single course.

Course Reps’ role:

  • Liaise with the Students’ Union and Student Voice Reps
  • Identify themselves to students as their Course Rep
  • Gather student feedback
  • Keep fellow students informed of what staff have said,
  • Are accountable to the students who elected them
  • Support other Course Reps on course related issues
  • Campaign effectively on relevant issues
  • Provide a link between staff, students and Student Voice Reps.

Course Reps usually find themselves doing some of the following:

  • working in partnership with other Course Reps on issues of joint concern;
  • campaigning on issues raised by their peers;
  • referring individual students who need support/advice to the appropriate services.

Do Course Reps get training?

Yes. The Students’ Union organises training in conjunction with the University. Throughout the academic year there are various bitesize training sessions – these might be Plagiarism Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Persuading and Influencing People, and more! As a Course Rep you are welcome to suggest a relevant bitesize topic and, if there’s enough interest, it can probably be arranged.

Do Course Reps get support?

Yes. The Students’ Union offers full support to Course Reps. There is a Course Reps Coordinator covering the Newport campuses and there is a Project Officer in the University’s Directorate Office who works closely with the Union on organising both Course Reps and Student Voice Reps.

Why should I be a Course Rep?

The opportunities and benefits of being a Course Rep are endless, but here’s just a few!

  • Making positive changes on your course
  • Helping your peers with course related problems
  • Developing skills you can transfer to other areas
  • It strengthens your CV!
  • It’s a useful experience to take forward to becoming a Student Voice Rep
  • You can increase your understanding of the University
  • You’ll meet new people
  • The experience of the role will enhance your career prospects
  • You’ll receive certification from the Students’ Union
  • It’s great fun to get stuck into something where you can make a difference
  • It’s a satisfying and rewarding role helping others
  • You can receive 5 academic credits for being a Course Rep

Additional departmental representation

Some of the Schools based in Glyntaff operate additional representation mechanisms in the form of a Student Council. To find out more, visit the Student Reps in Glyntaff page.