Google Drive / Google Docs

  • USW students get Google Drive as part of their student account
  • Every student has 30GB of online storage space
  • The service incorporates Google Docs, a web-based office software suite

Using Google Drive to store your work online

You can use your Google Drive to store files on the web. You have 30GB of storage space online. For comparison, standard CD-ROMs can store up to 0.7GB, and DVDs about 4.7GB.

  • Google Drive stores information on the web.
  • You can store any type of file.
  • You can also use Google Drive to share files.
  • You don’t have to install anything on your computer.
  • If you do install the Google Drive application on your personal devices it creates a folder that is automatically synced with the web and all other devices you install it on.
  • You cannot install the Google Drive app on campus equipment / in PC Labs.
  • If you have a Google Drive account outside UniLife you may know it is possible to install apps / extensions. These are not available on your University Google Drive.

Google has produced an Help Centre for Google Drive.

Please be aware of the following two cautions:

  • Google Drive IS NOT A BACKUP SYSTEM! To back up your files you need copies in at least two and ideally three different places. Google Drive can be used as part of that, but it is not a complete solution.
  • Think carefully about the security of your files and data. There is no reason to think Google Drive is insecure, but you should make a conscious choice about what you store where.

Using Google Docs to create or edit documents

On Google Drive you can create and edit Google Documents using a web-based office suite.
These links to the Google Docs Help Center explain how to use each application:

Further Information

For further help with Google Drive please contact IT, Media and Technical Services.