The University of South Wales listens to student feedback, and uses it to help guide real changes and improvements to the student experience.

Results of Previous Feedback

Some examples of recent changes as a result of student feedback are:

  • We invested in football, golf and performance sport and the results of the USW sports teams improved.
  • We supplied new furniture and extra study space in the Atrium’s library.
  • We run extra careers events and fairs every year (there are more than 100 now).
  • You wanted a single place to go to for advice, so we created an ‘Advice Zone’ on each campus.
  • We revised assessment and feedback mechanisms to give students a more balanced workload.

Ways to Give Feedback

Your Representatives

Course Reps exist to improve the course which they are elected to represent. Student Voice Reps address broader issues, operating at the faculty level. Both act as a voice for students to the University, speaking directly to decision makers and helping shape future policy.

The Students’ Union also represents USW students, with an even wider remit. It’s a collective voice for over 28,000 USW students and connections to the National Union of Students. It’s independent of, but closely tied to the University.

Course Evaluations

Loop is USW’s online course and module evaluation system. It’s your main way of telling the University directly how your course and modules are going. You can provide feedback on your course and modules at any time of the year – completely anonymously, in either English or Welsh.

This ensures we capture the views of all students irrespective of their start date and the duration of their course or modules. Giving feedback early in the year also means that we may be able to make changes soon enough for you to benefit from them!

National Student Survey

The National Student Survey is a nationally recognised annual survey of mostly final year undergraduates in the UK. The survey provides students with an opportunity to give their opinions on what they liked about their time at University as well as things that they felt could have been improved.

Departmental Feedback

In addition, other surveys, focus groups and feedback gathering exercises run at certain times of the year, or continually. Here are examples of University departments who have a year-round web page about their feedback and any changes made as a result: