Self-Directed Study

The University requires students to be able to study independently. This is called ‘self-directed study’.

USW Student Charter Information on this webpage forms part of our commitment in our Student Charter

Unlike schools, which give set tasks and homework assignments, Universities often rely on students to fortify their knowledge themselves, through self-directed study. This is why some full time courses may only have 12 hours of scheduled lectures or even less. Some modules may not have any set lectures scheduled at all.

Independent studies and dissertations have an element of supervision, but you will be expected to do most of the work on your own.

The University’s standard module is a grouping of 20 credit points, carrying a total of two hundred hours students’ learning time (per module) and this is defined as the total learning effort required by the average student to achieve the module learning outcomes.

Some students find this challenging. Some return to studies after a long time outside the education system, others are very used to the educational methods and frameworks in schools. There are various resources that can help you study more successfully: they are collected together under the term Study Skills. Self-directed study is a useful skill likely to provide life long value, and not just limited to your time at University.

If you are an international student, you may also find the Prepare for Success website useful – as well as general advice for incoming international students it has a lot of study skills and self-directed study advice.

Finally, the Student Development and Study Skills Service has many resources to help with self-directed study.