• UniLife Marketplace lets students buy and sell things, look for and offer accommodation and post notices to other students.
  • Listings are not moderated before publication but inapropriate listings will be removed at the UniLife Team’s discretion.
  • The University does not take responsibility for the quality of items or transactions taking place through Marketplace – caveat emptor.

What is UniLife Marketplace?

Marketplace is a part of UniLife that can be used to buy and sell things, search for or offer accommodation and also to post ‘notices’ which can be used to advertise things like charities, societies or research you’re involved with.

Marketplace is a student-to-student space. The UniLife Team/The University do not take part in transactions listed on Marketplace and we do not take responsibility for the quality of items or transactions taking place. Be mindful of your money, your property and your security, and if you arrange to meet do so in a safe, public place.

How to use UniLife Marketplace

UniLife Marketplace can be found at Items are listed with the newest at the top and there’s a search function to help find things. You can also add and manage your own listings.

The UniLife homepage shows an extract from marketplace, listing the 5 most recent items and linking to Marketplace itself.

Moderation of UniLife Marketplace

Listings are not moderated before publication, but each Marketplace item has a button marked “Report this ad to a moderator” that allows students to report the listing.

The UniLife Team check reported adverts and remove them at our discretion, guided by the following principles:

  • Beware of spamming. Reposting the same/similar advert in a short period of time is not allowed. Please do not post the same ad more than once a term.
  • Trustworthiness is important: do not post an advert about a company or product that you cannot verify is trustworthy. E.g. pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing (pyramid selling) schemes, and referral schemes promising free goods or cash are likely to be subject to moderation.
  • Joke items are not a good idea. Jokes can offend, and by pushing other items further down the page they act as spam.
  • Marketplace is not a dating site! Please be aware such postings are likely to be subject to moderation.
  • Marketplace is a courtesy service intended to be used for small-scale transactions, and/or services that generate casual earnings. It is not appropriate for advertising a business or a main source of income.
  • Be detailed and clear. An advert that is vague can seem untrustworthy.
  • Be mindful of laws and terms and conditions. It is illegal to sell counterfeit products. Some things should not be resold once purchased e.g. some tickets including railway tickets, and some should not be resold at a profit (for example, some theatre tickets). Make sure you adhere to the law at all times. Marketplace must not be used for any illegal purpose.
  • Due to strict government regulations the sale of tobacco products or alcohol on Marketplace is not allowed.
  • Be mindful that the promotion of equality and diversity is a duty and a challenge to everyone associated with the University. All items posted must treat others fairly and with dignity and respect.
  • Be mindful of subjects that can cause offense or be of a sensitive nature. It is not permitted to advertise alcohol in an irresponsible way. This includes irresponsible offers and events at pubs / clubs / venues.
  • Avoid ALL CAPS – this comes across as if the reader is being shouted at.

Should a posting violate the Regulations Governing Computer Use, this could have repercussions for the student responsible. Please be aware: if you are logged in to UniLife and leave the desk without logging out, you can be held responsible for any activity through your account, even if someone is playing a prank on you by posting through your account.

Note about advertising flat shares

Flat share adverts are quite often reported to the editorial team for moderation. Often the thing that is causing annoyance or offence is that people do not like the way some adverts directly state cultural preferences.

As a multicultural institution, the University celebrates diversity and students are encouraged to embrace the diversity of our institution and surrounding communities in their academic and professional lives. However, the University does not prescribe how people lead their personal lives, and students may choose to live with others based on shared cultures, beliefs, sexual orientation or age. Nevertheless, adverts that positively discriminate towards one group by default negatively discriminate against all other groups, and the editorial team often has to decide whether the tone of an advert has become unacceptable.

Each advert that is flagged for moderation is considered on its own merits, and the considerations are often complex. For reasons of transparency, we decided to publish some of the considerations here.

How we moderate adverts where discrimination is complained about

  • Unless it is clear from the advert that it is being posted by a landlord / agency / owner of the property, we assume it is posted by a tenant looking for a fellow tenant. Different rules apply for landlords – see Flat adverts that may be breaking the law, which states that “(The Equality Act 2010) makes it unlawful for a person who has the authority to dispose of premises (for example, by selling, letting or subletting a property) to discriminate …” – our interpretation is that fellow tenants do not have the authority to dispose of premises, while the owners / landlords / agencies do.
  • The UniLife team readily accepts that some students would prefer to live in single sex flats. Adverts that specify a preferred sex for potential flatmates are not generally removed.
  • Adverts that specify a preferred race or skin colour are not acceptable.
  • Adverts that explicitly or implicitly single out one group of students as undesirable are not acceptable.
  • Adverts that state a preference for students from a particular background may be acceptable, if…
    • …there are likely to be cultural / behavioural / language differences between that group and other students that can reasonably justify a desire for people to live in a flat with a shared background.
    • …the advert is not overtly negative in tone or implication. Adverts where the tone is found to be negative are removed at the discretion of the editorial team.