Adapting to Academic Study

  • University level study requires discipline and hard work
  • Are you attending all your lectures?
  • Do you do enough reading around your course?
  • You are in control of how much you achieve

How many of your lectures and tutorials do you attend?

Attending lectures and tutorials has a proven impact on grades.

  • Ask questions and get clarifications from your tutors and other students.
  • You risk missing important context if you try to get by just using revision notes (from Blackboard or other students)
  • Exams and coursework are easier if your attendance is good. The things the lecturer emphasises the most are often what’s most important for assignments.

students in classroom students in tutorial

Some students find it helpful to think of their studies as their employment – turning up for work even when you don’t feel like it is something you have to do, so treat your studies in the same way.

For more information see Attendance and Absence.

How much reading do you do around your subject?

  • Do the background reading suggested by your tutors
  • Try following the news about your chosen field
  • Follow the job market in your sector

student in library

You will benefit from the wider knowledge this gives you. When you’re faced with a question or a problem to solve you’ll know where to start looking for case studies and examples. It helps you make more sense of your subject and may also be helpful when preparing for coursework and exams (or job interviews).

Help to improve your study skills

The Student Development and Study Skills Service can help you improve your academic confidence and performance. They provide advice, learning materials and tutorials.