Using UniLife: A Walk-Through Guide

  • UniLife is the Student Portal for the University of South Wales
  • Only the UniLife homepage and account pages require a log in
  • Blackboard, email, calendar and documents can be accessed via UniLife

What is UniLife?

UniLife is USW’s student portal, bringing together various student websites and services in one place.
To give feedback about any aspect of UniLife email

UniLife without a UniLife login

Most areas of UniLife are open and accessible without a student login. Only the homepage and certain account-specific pages are not available.

UniLife home page

Key points:

  • UniLife uses a responsive design and will look different depending on your screen size, and on mobile devices.
  • Search can help you find information. It searches UniLife and all its channels.
  • Important announcements are displayed prominently near the top of the homepage.
  • If you need to enrol, you will see a banner prominently near the top of the homepage.
  • The promo area (sliding picture with text) changes almost every working day.
  • Online services such as Blackboard, email and appointment booking are linked in the light blue area to the left.
  • “Quick Links” go to some of the most popular parts of UniLife.
  • Polls run weekly or monthly.
  • Marketplace is a popular classifieds tool.
  • “Today’s Menus” show what’s being served in our campus eateries each day.

Enrolment banner

The enrolment banner appears at the start of the academic year, until shortly after you have enrolled. It lets you know that you can use the online enrolment facility. After you’ve enrolled online you’ll still have to attend some induction events on campus.

Your Study

The “Your Study” are of the UniLife homepage collects together important online resources related to studying at USW, including a link to Blackboard, library resources, induction and timetable information, and IT Support.

Your Mail, Your Calendar, Your Storage

The UniLife homepage has a prominent link to Your Mail. This takes you to your email account, which is the standard Gmail service tied to your University email address.

Your Calendar links to your own Gmail calendar. Google has prepared a Help Guide: Google Calendar Help

This area also shows the current timetabling week number, which can be useful when using the online timetabling tool.

Your Storage lets you store files online. Based on Google Drive, this includes a word processor, spreadsheet software and presentation software, with documents stored and edited online. The UniLife team have prepared a page about Google Drive.

Your Account

Your Account lets you check and update information about yourself (e.g. your address and the courses and modules you’re enrolled on), see your library account, see any outstanding debts to the University and select which UniLife channels you subscribe to.

You can also configure your “Public profile”, shown to other students as part of the Student List, or opt out of being listed.

Make a payment

“Make a Payment” goes to your finance account.

Your Tools

Links to a wide rage of web tools.

Book Appointment

You can book an appointment for many services online.

Job Vacancies

The Job Vacancies feed on the home page lists the latest jobs from the Careers and Employability Service’s database.


The home page includes a feed of the most recent Marketplace items. For more information and guidelines about this facility, see the UniLife page about Marketplace.

UniLife Websites

There are wide range of websites for current students that feed into UniLife. The UniLife Websites page has the full list.

What to do if UniLife is broken

On the rare occasions when UniLife disruption occurs, the UniLife team use our UniLife Twitter feed to communicate. This is only possible if the disruption does not affect the University’s entire internet connection, and the team’s responsiveness is generally limited to normal office hours.