Advice Zones

Advice Zone – Limited Service 21st, 22nd, 23rd August 2017

The Advice Zones work with students to achieve solutions for the challenges of student life.

Each campus has an Advice Zone with an enquiry desk, where our advisers will be available. When appropriate, they can refer you to specialist services.

You can expect a friendly, impartial and non-judgmental service. By getting in touch with us early, you can reduce the impact of all kinds of issues on your studies and wellbeing. Just ask us, we’re here to help!

Contact the Advice Zone on Your Campus

There is an Advice Zone on each campus, a physical place where you can go and talk to an adviser. You can also telephone or email the Advice Zones.

Common Topics

Advice Zones provide advice on anything affecting your ability to study. Here are some of the most common things students ask us about that we can support you with.

Postgraduate Research Students

The Graduate Research Office provides targeted advice, support and administration services for research students.

International English Students

Specialist advice for International English Students is available from the Centre for International English Students.

Partner College Students

If you’re being taught at a Partner College or through a franchise course, please contact your college first if you have queries. They may refer you to your Advice Zone.