Rubbish and Recycling

  • For students in halls of residence, USW has arrangements for handling waste to ensure as much as possible is recycled
  • When living in private accommodation it is your responsibility to ensure that your refuse is dealt with correctly
  • Spectacles can be recycled to help people in developing countries

Halls of Residence

For students living in halls of residence, the University has a comprehensive set of arrangements for handling and storing waste to ensure as much as possible is recycled

The University’s Estates and Facilities department has compiled information about Student Waste, Recycling and Reuse.

Private Accommodation


It’s your responsibility to ensure your rubbish is disposed of correctly. Not doing so can annoy your neighbours, attract vermin and could incur a fine from your local council (Rhondda Cynon Taf council even have a scheme for reporting this type of behaviour: Report a Litter Problem.

Please take note of the following:

  • Ensure you’re aware of your collection day and take notice of any changes which can occur around bank holidays. In some areas, notably Cardiff, household waste (black bags) are collected every fortnight. Don’t put out household waste in the wrong week!
  • Put your rubbish out the night before collection, or early in the morning.
  • If you have a wheelie bin only rubbish placed inside will be collected, so avoid leaving bags on top or next to the bin. Bring the bin back in after it has been emptied.
  • Use the correct bags/bin in order to recycle as much as possible.

Further information on your individual collection dates can be obtained from your local council’s website. The three councils where most of our students live are:.

Make sure you also visit the recycling section to find out which bags / bins you should be using when disposing of your rubbish.

Remember to destroy all paper waste which contains personal information, ideally using a shredder. This includes your bank statements and any letter or paper that contains your name and address.

Large item collections

If you have large household items to dispose of then usually your local council will pick these up free of charge by prior arrangement.


It is your responsibility to recycle the types of waste your council requires. Such waste should not be thrown away with general rubbish or fines may be applied.

Rhondda Cynon Taf area

For information and advice on recycling in Rhondda Cynon Taf please visit the Rhondda Cynon Taf recycling web pages, including food recycling

Cardiff area

For information and advice on recycling in the Cardiff County Council area, please visit the Cardiff County Council website – all households in Cardiff can recycle using the free and easy green bag recycling scheme. Beware of the £100 fines for putting food waste in black bin bags.

If you’re planning on leaving your accommodation at the end of term, Love When You Leave is the annual waste, recycling and charity collection scheme in Cardiff, set up to ensure that moving out at the end of term is stress free and leaves the city clean and tidy. The scheme includes a re-use and charity collection of unwanted items; donation point locations can be found here. Please note this scheme runs between May – September every year.

Newport area

Find out what recycling Newport collects from your residential address.

Newport residents can also take household rubbish for recycling, composting or, as a last resort, for burial in landfill at the Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) website.


Did you know that you can recycle unwanted spectacles? Vision Aid Overseas is a UK charity dedicated to helping people in the developing world with poor eye sight by providing spectacles donated from people in the UK.

If you have any old spectacles which you no longer need, they can be donated via the box in the Health Centre reception in Treforest.