UniLife Newsletters - What's Going On?

Since the start of term, campus-based students have received two or three newsletters from the UniLife Team. Time to explain why – and find out what you think.

Screenshot of the 'Life at USW: How are you?' newsletter

News and Events Newsletters

We hope you check UniLife regularly, but we know that you’ll probably breeze through at speed, on the way to Blackboard, email and other tools. Some students might miss out on opportunities, important updates, or even exciting news as a result. So we decided to sum up the most relevant things for each campus and send out email newsletters this year.

  • We’ll be sending them every two or three weeks. We don’t want to spam you. Once a fortnight seems fair?
  • The newsletters are different for each campus. Hopefully that makes them relevant to you.
  • We’re listing the top news updates. We’ll try to balance “important, but serious” and “interesting / fun” stories if we can.
  • We’re highlighting the top events on your campus. Don’t miss out. You can mark them in your diary.
  • We’ll try to keep them short and useful.

Example Newsletter

Here’s what we sent to students studying at our Cardiff Campus:

UniLife Newsletter

This newsletter lists some of the most important updates from UniLife. It's not a replacement for visiting the site. Please log in to UniLife at least once a week, check out what students are trading in the Marketplace, and keep an eye out for important announcements.

Our Picks


Events Highlights

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We're planning to send you newsletters like this every other week during term time. Good idea? Bad idea? Let us know what you think! If you really don't want to receive future newsletters, you can Unsubscribe

Your Feedback

We ran a Quick Poll about the first Newsletter.

  • 29% of students have received and opened the newsletter.
  • Of those students who read the newsletter, 75% thought it was a good idea. 25% did not find it useful.

We’d like to make these newsletters as useful and interesting as possible. If you have any suggestions for improvement – or if you want us to continue without making many changes – please let us know by filling in the UniLife Feedback Form.

Life at USW: How Are You?

We’ve also sent out a different type of email. We asked all our campus-based students how they are, using smiley faces / emojis.

Clicking on the smileys/links is anonymous, but students can fill in a feedback form at the end of the exercise and identify themselves if they want to get a reply. We intend to send out similar emails about once a month this year.

This isn’t a focus group or customer satisfaction exercise. Our main aim is to assist any students who are not happy to solve any problems and find out what help is available. Those who indicate that they are not happy by clicking on one of the less happy smileys are taken to a web tool we developed this year. The web tool asks students what their concerns and problems are – and then directs them to sources of support that may be able to help them.

Example Newsletter

Life at USW

How are you this week?

Not Good
Not Good
Could Be Better
OK, I guess


The links in this email are anonymous. We'll be sending out emails periodically to see how our students are doing, and to offer support to those who are not enjoying their time at university.

If you do not wish to receive periodical updates from the University, you can [UnsubscribeLink]

Your Feedback

We’ve received quite a few comments from students who were happy to have received the email, which was a real pleasure and quite unexpected. Thank you to all students who got in touch!

Of those who clicked on the less happy smileys, most tried our web tool. Of those who used the web tool and got to the final bit, 38% found it useful, 23% thought it was not useful, and 39% weren’t sure whether it’s useful or not.

We will use any feedback received so far to improve it before the next email in November. If you have any suggestions for how we could improve the email and web tool, please get in touch through the UniLife Feedback Form.