University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day

The University of Glamorgan Mental Wellbeing Service has written a feature about University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day.

The day, which happens on February 20th 2013, asks us all to think about how we can look after our mental wellbeing.

What 5 things do you do every day, or regularly, to look after your mind?

University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day logo

What is University Mental Health Day?

University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day is an annual event to focus efforts aimed at promoting the mental health of people who live and work in Higher Education settings. The initiative was started by UMHAN (University Mental Health Advisers Network) in 2012. Mental Wealth UK are also working with UMHAN to help more students take part and make the day even bigger and better in 2013. The greater the number of people across the UK taking part, the greater the impact – so make sure you take part in this exciting national initiative!

How can I get involved?

We want to help reduce stigma by making the University community more aware that mental health difficulties are common – and that there are things that everyone can do to improve their mental health. The University of Glamorgan Students Services and Student Union are planning to make this an annual event.

On Wednesday, 20th February 2013 there will be:

  • Wellbeing Stall: There will be a stand in the Students’ Union where students and staff can collect free materials and information about mental wellbeing.
  • Mindapples Tree: We will also have a Mindapples tree to encourage people to think about five things that they regularly do to look after their mental wellbeing.
    Collecting ‘Mindapples’ at Loughborough University last year
    (Collecting ‘Mindapples’ at Loughborough University last year)

Collecting ‘Voices’

We’ll be collecting words from students around the time of University Mental Health day.

  • Blogging: We want to collect blogs from students either about their personal experiences or what they like to do for their wellbeing. Please email your blogs to
  • Pledging: We encourage students to pledge what they would like to do to improve mental health and wellbeing, to learn more about mental health, or to do more for their own mental wellbeing. Make your Pledge at Time To Change.
    Pledging at Warwick University in 2012
    (Pledging at Warwick University in 2012)

Social Media

We’ll be using social media to get more students than ever talking about mental health. By sharing what you’re doing you’ll be part of a national conversation on mental health at university.

Use the hashtag #unimentalhealthday in your tweets and tag Time To Change Wales in Facebook posts.