Freshers' events

The first two weeks on campus are going to be busy!

An event in a venue

If you’re a new student, the number of activities and events taking place on campus can be bewildering. On the right, you can see the Freshers’ events that have been organised by the Sports Centre and the Students’ Union. You can also download a Freshers’ Social Guide – which lists the same events in a different format.

By far the most important listing is the one entitled Faculty induction events
– it may not sound like the most exciting one, but it includes links to the places where you should be able to find all the events that are just for your course! Sure, there’s bound to be some induction lectures in there, but it’ll probably also include socials (depending on your course).

Meanwhile, here are some handy tips for not missing out on anything you’re interested in:

  1. If you’re the active type and planning on trying out something new, the Free Sports Activities to try events are just the thing for you – but you MUST pre-book these, and places run out quickly. So get in touch with the Sports Centre well ahead of time.
  2. If you want to go to Students’ Union events, consider buying your ticket in advance – some of their more popular events are bound to sell out.
  3. Friday is Freshers’ Fair day – if you go to only one thing during Freshers’ Week, make it the Fair. It’s where you can sign up with sports clubs and cultural societies, and, if you’re early enough, pick up freebies.
  4. Plan your week in advance. Make your own calendar, listing all the compulsory events for each day, and the ones you would like to go to. Mark down possible times for getting an NUS card, signing up for Sports classes, etc. – but don’t plan every hour of every day. You’ll want to leave enough free time to hang out with your new friends, and/or to explore the local area and Cardiff.

Oh, and a secret tip: don’t buy all the posters on sale in the first week. The poster sellers will always come back, and prices go down a lot if you wait a few weeks. In fact, it’s best to budget a little across the board – too many students find themselves struggling to make ends meet all term after overspending in the first two or three weeks.

Using your Glamlife calendar

Finally, if you want to include any of the events in the events calendar above into your own personal calendar on Glamlife, here are some handy instructions for how to do this:

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