Help with IT Issues and Skills

Some of you have said you do not know how to use IT effectively. The University offers several ways to get help with IT issues and skills.

Loop IT

The University’s IT Support Service can help you with IT problems online, on the phone or in person. Find contact details here: About IT Support.
They have a drop-in location on every campus.

The Student Development and Study Skills Service have a range of IT resources and you can speak to one of their tutors about your individual issues: IT Skills.
They also have student helpers, available Monday – Friday from 10am-4pm at the Study Skills Centre on Treforest Campus to help with any ICT related issues. While student helpers are based in Treforest, they can help students across all campuses with technology. They are trained in using Blackboard and TurnitIn and will be able to answer any queries for these. Additionally, they may be able to answer some queries related to Microsoft packages and if needs be direct you to the right kind of support.

You can contact Study Skills and student helpers on or 01443 482990.

Help with some common IT topics:

Youtube is often useful for a quick fix to a specific problem.